Updated Additions

The past few months I have been working with various clients to update their homes with these great additions and more. What is the next upgrade you are thinking of for your house? What is your dream addition? Keep in mind, an addition doesn’t need to be BIG to have a BIG impact for your […]

Family Space During Quarantine

Have you been stuck inside with your family during this quarantine? Are you going a bit stir crazy? Here are several ideas on how to break up your home so you and your family can have your own space, as well as fun space to share. Parent Escape Pod When a family grew from 4 […]

New Featured Projects!

Although these have been very trying and uncertain times, I’d like to try to stay grounded and return to normalcy by looking back at some of my most recent projects from the drawing board. I have a whole bunch of projects that I am excited to show all of you, but I am going to […]

Spring Construction: Coming Soon!

Back in the fall, I was working with many clients towards a “spring start” on their construction projects. A few of them are preparing or are underway, so I thought I’d do some introductions to these exciting projects! Let me know what you think! Downtown Master Suite Addition A home located on a corner lot […]

A Year in Social Media

It was fun to look back on 2019 via my social media to see the highlights. Looking back at analytics for the year, I was surprised that it wasn’t any one of my projects that garnered the most activity, but my time out in the community that gained more clicks and comments. That being said, […]

My 2 Favorite Things From ArchEx

If you follow my social media posts, you know what a great time I had at the Virginia AIA annual conference called ArchEx 2019. The theme was culture, and I attended many interesting sessions (follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram to see more details), but there were two main takeaways I wanted to share with […]

Porches, Bathrooms, and Bedrooms Oh My!

It’s a busy time in the studio here at LMA! What are some of the things we’re working on? In the last week or so we: “Dressed up” a modest cabin in West Virginia, starting with the front porch/main entry: Studied closet layouts for a master bedroom addition. Do you have a favorite? Unsuccessfully talked […]

How It All Comes Together

Back in May, we had a flurry of activity- so many of our projects started construction! Spring, summer and into fall is the perfect time for building. One of our clients was diligent in documenting the process (since she’s “on site” everyday) and generously shared photos with us. We’re sharing with you, so as an […]

Kitchen Work Triangle

Living Efficiently A lot of my work with homeowners is helping them to live in their space more efficiently and the first place to start is the kitchen. My clients often want more space in their kitchen — to add an island, in-room eating or a new piece of equipment (don’t we all want a […]

Spring Time is Construction Time!

Spring is an exciting time of year in the construction world because things get busy! All the planning inside warm cozy offices moves outside and the action begins! I have many projects under construction right now and I thought I’d share some tidbits of what’s going on. Construction is a stressful part of the architectural […]