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Learning Never Ends

For my graduate level education, people are often surprised to hear that my M. ARCH. is from the University of Oregon. It’s true — all of my family are in Virginia, but when we were newly married, my husband and I were looking for adventure. I looked to the west coast. U of O has […]

Here comes the sun

While I sit here writing this entry about sun patterns, the morning sun is beaming into my office windows with welcome warmth on a blustery late-winter day. It’s days like this I am grateful my office windows face east to jump-start the warming of my small space and give my own circadian rhythm an extra […]

Inspiration In The New Year

A friend recently asked me: “Where does your inspiration come from?” My clients are my first source of inspiration. The client, as a homeowner or as an office-worker, is in the space the most  — they understand how it will be used and oftentimes, they can communicate to me (through photos from the internet or sketches or even gestures) what […]

Aging in Place

You love your home. You’re invested in it financially and emotionally and you’d love to stay forever in it. But, as our bodies age, we might struggle with some of the details of navigation through our home or in the completion of day to day tasks. When your knees hurt, it might be harder to […]