Six Months Into the New Partnership of DFC-LMA Architecture

Six months into the new partnership and everything is going well. We’ve been able to expand our business combining Don and Tim’s decades of experience in commercial work with my decades of experience in residential design. This combination of commercial and residential experience has enabled us to serve more clients in the growing region of the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

We’ve enjoyed learning new things from each other and it’s a real asset to have a team to bounce ideas off of – either in design or business.

Don Crigler

Don is certified as an architect in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and formally in New Jersey, Delaware, and DC. After working for several architect firms throughout his career Don opened his own practice in 2006 and has continued on with a successful career.

Tim Newman

Tim graduated with a BA in Architecture from Virginia Tech in 2002. He spent 8 years in Middleburg, VA working mainly on custom residential projects. Tim joined the firm in 2011 and became a partner in 2014. He now specializes in commercial and multi-unit residential projects.

I really love our office location and layout.

Feel free to stop by, we’re right downtown at 29 E. Boscawen Street:

I’m really proud of how well DFC and LMA projects mix as a photo montage of great work. Do you see a project from around town you recognize?

Tim does a good job keeping our plants alive - even our Christmas poinsettia in April!

We love having meetings in our spacious conference room with a great view of the Old Courthouse and Town Hall:

And I finally hung some fun artwork in my own office:

It’s nice to have a mix of fun, meaningful art with family photos and reference books.
Stop in for a visit soon to discuss your next project!